If you have selected Switzerland as country of delivery, we will still display the German VAT for each article in our online shop. However, since 01.01.2019, you will only be charged the Swiss VAT of 7.7% or 2.5% in case of an actual delivery to Switzerland.

Your total amount is calculated as follows:

Displayed price online119,00 € incl. 19% VAT
Calculation for price to be paid:119,00 € / 1,19 x 1,077 = 107,70 €
Your invoice amount is107,70 € plus shipping

If you export the goods outside the EU we can refund the VAT if you submit a copy of your invoice along with the original „export certificate. Please keep a copy for your records and send the documents in by mail.

You can print out the export certificate (“Ausfuhrbescheinigung”) under the following Link.

Country specific taxes or custom/import fees:

In addition to the shipping costs charged by us there may be further charges due when importing the goods. Those are usually local taxes and if applicable custom fees.

Important information about returning items from Switzerland

Goods sent between the EU and non-EU countries are subject to both, customs duties and charges, this also includes goods you return to us.

To avoid these duties and charges when returning goods, the goods must be declared accordingly.

To do this, you must attach a customs declaration form (CN22 or CN23; duly completed) and a copy of the original invoice to the outside of the package in a clear shipping bag.

Whether you need to fill out a CN22 or CN23 form depends on the value of goods you are returning. Up to a value of goods of about €340 the CN22 form must be used, for a value of goods higher than that the CN23 form must be used.

Please check in advance if you need to fill out a CN22 or CN23 form.





If you wish to return goods for credit or refund, simply tick "Returned Goods".


If you are sending goods for repair or exchange, tick "Other" and note repair in the appropriate place.