Should a Radon or Cube bike frame break, we will either replace the broken frame completely or the broken frame part (for fullys). We reserve the right to replace the frame or the frame part with a successor model. The prerequisite is normal use of the bike in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. Frame breakages caused by external influences (e.g. fall damage) are not covered by the guarantee. Warranty periods apply to the first purchaser. 


Material aluminiumMaterial carbonium
Radon6 years3 years
Cube6 years3 years


In the case of frames or frame parts that are replaced within our manufacturer's guarantee after the statutory warranty period has expired, all additional costs incurred for modifications, shipping or the replacement of parts for reasons of compatibility must be borne by the buyer! 

Special case Radon
: This extended warranty does not apply to the Swoop 200 model and all dirt bikes, as well as all add-on parts that are subject to frame exchange.