Yes, we can refund the VAT under the following conditions:


  • You are established in a third country territory
  • You export the goods to the third country territory within three months of purchase.
  • We delivered the goods to an address within the EU.


In order to get the VAT refunded, you must present an export sales slip to your customs office when you import the goods into the non-EU country (third country). This document is stamped and signed by the customs authorities. Then send us the original export receipt by registered mail to the following address:

H&S Bike-Discount GmbH

Konrad-Zuse-Str. 20

53501 Grafschaft - Ringen



Please note:

Sending by fax, by e-mail or a copy by post will not be accepted by the German tax office.



You can download and print out the export sales slip here.


You can fill out the document yourself, but please do not sign item 12.