We ask all customers to check the package for any damage upon delivery.
Should the parcel be re-glued by the deliverer or show clear damage please refuse acceptance!

The goods are then automatically returned to us. We can then refund the purchase amount or arrange for a new shipment.

If you have already accepted the damaged or glued package we ask for your cooperation so that we can assert our claims against the deliverer.

Every item is scanned during the packing process and for systemic reasons we only ship complete orders. Therefore, goods can only have been lost during delivery.

Therefore, we ask you to send us meaningful photos of the package so that we can complain the delivery to the respective carrier.

We also need a list of the items that were missing in the package. Please let us know if you would like a new shipment (if the items are still in stock) or if you would like a refund.

We kindly ask you to send the photos and the list of the missing items via our contact form ‘question about complaint (general)‘.